Pocketknife Revolver Evens the Odds When You Bring a Knife To a Gunfight

If I built a time machine I'd choose a pickup truck over a Delorean, just so I could bring back all the awesome stuff that's been deemed unsafe over the years. I mean you can get a Swiss Army knife equipped with everything imaginable these days, except a .22 caliber pistol, which were readily available in 1930.

This amazing little feat of engineering known as the "Defender" packs the only tools you should really need in a pocketknife. A sharp sturdy blade, and a concealed .22 calibre handgun that accepts any type of cartridge. My immediate reaction was to imagine the agony were this to accidentally go off in my pocket, but I think people realized how dangerous guns were even back then. So the Defender appears to have adequate safety mechanisms so it doesn't go off while you're whittling or picking your teeth. Not too shabby for just $5 right? I wonder if the Johnson Smith Catalog has an online store these days? [Weird Universe via BoingBoing]


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