The storage wars are on. Pogoplug launched a new online storage service today, Pogoplug Cloud, with 5GB of free storage and (surprise!) the option to buy more.

Pogoplug Cloud lets you upload files directly form your mobile devices, share through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and stream HD video, photos and audio to your phone.


Of course, if you do need more, you can purchase additional online storage from Pogoplug ( 50GB for $9.95/month and 100GB for $19.95/month) or host a private, unlimited cloud for no monthly fees by buying a Pogoplug box.

The 5GB free is a better deal than the 2GB Dropbox serves up for free, the same as iCloud's free storage capacity, and considerably less than the limited time 50GB offer from At this rate, pretty soon companies are going to start paying you to store data. [Pogoplug]

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