Illustration for article titled Pogue Sees Eye-to-Eye With Vudu Video-on-Demand Box (Verdict: Mostly Great)

Pushing out his review a bit before the official embargo lifted last night, our favorite Times wonder-reporter put the video store in a box, Vudu, through its paces and walked away mostly happy with the experience. Brownie points for: picture quality, slick five-button remote, pay-per-flick, and truly instant viewing. Buts:


You need a speedy broadband connection (at least 3Mbps); fast-forward can be wonky; like every other distributor the scope and selection its ever-changing catalog of 5k flicks is at the mercy of Hollywood studios. Stay tuned for own review, but if you're feeling hasty you can go ahead and slap down your $399 now. [NYT]

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