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Police Car Pursuing a Bicycle at 60MPH Must Be the Most Absurd Chase In History

This Czech bicycle rider must have steel ball bearings or a lot of crimes to answer for. Otherwise I wouldn't understand why is he racing down a highway at 60mph (100km/h) with a police car chasing him.


Under the rain. In between vans and cars.

As you can see on the speedometer, the bicycle is travelling at around 100km/h (60mph) behind a van in two different occasions. It's not that crazy to do, thanks to a phenomenon called drafting. Any skilled cyclist is capable of doing this. The drafting world record is now at 268.8km/h (167mph), set by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg in 1995. He beat John Howard's previous record, set to 245km/h in 1985.


In this case, after spotting the cyclist drafting behind a white van, the police turns on the siren and starts the chase. The cyclist doesn't flinch and keeps behind the van until he passes it to slow down on the side of the road. The police then accelerates at 122km/h (75mph) to pass and block the cyclist, who avoids the trap and keeps going. In fact, he repeats the same maneuver: he puts himself behind another van—this time black—and keeps drafting at more than 100km/h (60mph). The police then accelerates to catch him again. As they approach some roadworks, the bicyclist passes the van and then slows down to 50km/h (31mph) at that point, until he gets caught.

Absolutely nuts. [Thanks Karl!]

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To everyone who is knocking the speed achieved. I've personally achieved faster than 60KPH on a hybrid mountain bike (21 speed) while going downhill on paved roads.

I did not have a speedometer at the time but was passing traffic beside me, it was only when some guy in a Mustang convertible pulled alongside and paced me and let me know I was doing 54 MPH (in a 40 MPH zone, no less) that I knew how fast I was actually going. I slowed down after that. But the point I'm making is that the only issue here is the method for achieving speed.

Yes, on his own, it would appear that he maxes out around 55 KPH (which would indicate a flat surface) but before the pursuit he appears to be successfully drafting at around 60 MPH.

Now I know my personal top speed is not really applicable to this video. But the fact that the rider clearly was doing near 60 MPH (regardless of length of time - or method of achieving this speed) is fairly impressive in and of itself. Which is why we're all watching the video.