PolyTune Tunes All Your Guitar Strings at Once, Saves Time for Serenading

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This idea blows my mind: An electric guitar tuner that analyzes a full strum all at once, telling you which individual strings need tuning. Brilliant!

I love this—it's so simple, but for a casual guitarist like myself (and, um, every male who went to college in the past three decades), it sounds like a perfect way to tune up quickly. The PolyTune is also able to tune all kinds of drop tunings, alternate tunings, open tunings, and probably even whatever the hell weird tuning the guitarist from My Bloody Valentine uses. It's apparently accurate to 0.5 cents, which is good enough for my ears, and works with both guitar and bass. We don't have pricing or availability info yet, but it should come pretty soon, since it's being shown at the NAMM audio expo today. [TC Electronic via DVICE]