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The Polywell MiniBox2 939NP-MCE boasts some powerful features in the MCE PC world. It packs on a dual-core AMD Athlon X2 processor, a 500GB hard drive, dual-optical drives, and comes with speakers and a 19-inch display for less than $2k. With its small box-like design, the Polywell MiniBox2 qualifies for a great living room PC if you don't want an unpleasing tower or a horizontal pc that you won't be able to upgrade. MiniBox2 939NP's mini-ATX case measures in at 13 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 16.8 inches deep. The MCE also has Nvidia GeForce 6150 integrated graphics for video display without the irritating noise of a graphics card fan. MiniBox2 939NP, however, lacks many of the A/V connections that come standard in high end living room PCs, and the integrated Nvidia GeForce 6150 isn't going to push many limits in your gaming experience. Video output options are also limited to DVI and VGA ports, no S-Video or component outs. The dual-core AMD Athlon X2 processor makes the MiniBox2 a great multitasking PC, and its high storage features are impressive compared to most MCE PCs out there. All these goodies will run you about $1888 ($1520 without monitor).

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