Popcorn Fork Keeps Fingers Bland

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My father-in-law, super great guy, eats his popcorn with a spoon. While some find it crazy, I know it's just a technique he employs to slowly, subtly drive my mother-in-law crazy. Regardless, he may be interested in the $13.95 (12 pack) of popcorn forks. Technically these forks more closely resemble chopsticks or tongs, and they have salt built right in to the handle, ensuring your blood pressure gets every bit as high as your wife's. [product via shinyshiny]



@impliedsurprise: I do the same thing. You don't even have to plow into it. just stick your tongue out and popcorn will stick to it like a lollypop dropped at the beach.

You can be surprisingly sophisticated eating popcorn without your hands!

Or not....