"Popcorn Sorter" Eliminates Un-Popped Kernels Using, Um... Vibration?

"Honey, I'm amazed that we never have any un-popped kernels. How do you do it each and every time?!" "Well, it's simple, hun, really. I just use this special bowl I made a few weeks ago. And your vibrator."

At which point "honey" throws up and walks out on me. Again. Nevertheless, one 2-hour movie and a full stomach later, I'm sleeping like a baby, content with the knowledge that no un-popped kernels have infiltrated my digestive system, thereby ruining my evening.


More seriously though, dear readers, the guys at Stupid Inventions claim the vibrator is merely the motor unit from a massage pillow. Sure it is, fellas. Try using that line on your next date. [YouTube via Nowhere Else - Thanks, Zachary]


would rather have something that sorted out the half popped pieces so you don't break your teeth on them when you try and chew on them