Apparently, Catholicism is full of old people. While that's all well and good, the Pope wants to take his message to the streets, where the young people hang out. He saw on the local news that people use "cellular phones" to send "text messages," so he decided to get on board with this hip and confusing new fad. Now young people can expect to receive texts such as "hey how r u its d pope believe in jesus plz." It's the future of religion!

The texting will take place during World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia in July. The Pope, or at least a collection of his more tech-savvy minions, will send "daily messages of inspiration and hope" to the 225,000 attendees over the five-day festival.


Just be forewarned, if you get one of these messages and respond, the Pope might invite you over to the Vatican to help him figure out his TiVo. [Reuters]

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