Portable Motion Speakers: for Sound and Vision just Wave

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Something tells me that these are going to be popular little beggars this summer. Hot from Japan, these $100 portable motion speakers are button-free, meaning that to turn up the volume, you move your hands in front of the unit in an upward motion. If it's less cowbell you're after, then move your hands down—although, let's face it, you won't get that much cowbell with just 0.7W in each speaker.


There's also an FM radio and, thanks to their mood lighting, your hands can glow red, blue or green while you're giving 'em your orders. The black or white speakers run on either four AA batteries or you can connect them up to the mains. Use them with your laptop, iPod as well as other MP3 players, and DVD players.

Product Page [Crazy About Gadgets via Red Ferret]

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I got this speaker from the sharper image for $19.99 a while ago. It looks pretty cool but sounds kind of flat though.