Post-Apocalyptic Settings for Games Are Cool Urban Wastelands

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WorldWorks Games has a set of tabletop gaming sets that would make the perfect setting for a mutant raid on a gas station, or for an I Am Legend scenario.


io9 pal Ed Grabianowski explains it all over at Robot Viking:

Part of what makes these sets so cool is how rare it is to find terrain sets with a modern theme at all. The Mayhem Junkyard set just came out a few weeks ago, adding a dirty, grungy setting complete with crushed cars, piles of used tires and the dingy front office that you find in every junkyard. The only detail missing was a girly poster on the wall.

The Mayhem Junkyard is just the latest Mayhem setting, though. Mayhem Industrial includes a trucking company, industrial equipment and trucks. Streets of Mayhem is a gritty urban street scene perfect for a ton of modern and sci-fi RPGs and miniatures games, including a certain special Robot Viking project (that I promise isn't dead!). Mayhem Downtown will give your superheroes all the tall buildings they can possibly leap over, brood on the ledges of or swing from via synthetic webbing.

Get the scoop on how to deploy these cool gaming sets in your next post-nuclear D&D game. Read the rest of Ed's review at Robot Viking.



Ooh... the inner tabletop nerd in me wants to grab this, break out my Crown Royal bag full o' dice and have an orgy.