Post-It's New App Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Reality

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Despite the number of free, awesome note-taking apps any smartphone-owning person can lay their hands on, Post-Its are still probably the most popular way to jot down a quick reminder. In an effort to make their flagship product more digital and down with the productivity-focused kids, 3M has released an app to help digitise your scribbles.

The Post-It Plus app is a free download for iOS, and basically lets you photograph all your Post-Its, then organize them on a digital cork-board for your perusing pleasure. The capture is pretty straightforward: you can take one photo of multiple notes, and then the app with identify, and add them all as separate Post-Its onto the board. In reality, you need to be taking photos in decent light, with none of the Post-Its overlapping, but as long as you meet that (pretty low) bar, you should be good to go.

Once you've got your Post-Its into the app, it's fairly simple to drag them around and organize, before exporting (if you want to) to PDFs, Evernote, or the MS Office suite.


It's a pretty nifty attempt to make the ultimate in analogue tools more digital; whether or not it beats abusing the edge of your screen with a million multi-colored notes, however, remains to be seen. [Post-It Plus]

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Any single mobile OS app fails at this point.