Power-Desperate, Stranded Carnival Cruise Passengers Make a Rat King Out of Phone Cords

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Carnival cruise ship Triumph suffered a fire then a broken tow line that left it stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for four days. It's approaching port now, but passengers are pissed and desperate for power. This picture, tweeted by ABC's 20/20 account, is a glimpse at the hellhole that boat has become.

The ironically named ship was stuck so long that people have been pooping in bags. Apparently passengers are about one step short of selling a kidney in exchange for some power. So they made a rat king out of cords and plugs. The pic reminds me of what New York was like right after Hurricane Sandy when all the power was out and people were searching around for a charge anywhere they could get it. Which is to say, nearly a real life of the Lord of the Flies. [@ABC2020 via @ErikMalinowski]