"Power Nap" for Apple Syncs Your Computer While It Sleeps

Illustration for article titled Power Nap for Apple Syncs Your Computer While It Sleeps

Apple just announced a new feature to OS X Mountain Lion called Power Nap. It syncs your computer's email, keeps track of calendars, syncs to Time Capsule, and downloads App Store and system software updates—all while your computer's asleep.

This is basically Intel's Smart Connect, just for Apple's stuff, but it's one of the cooler this-gen features out there, so this is great news.

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Follow along with the rest of the Apple news today with our WWDC liveblog.

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Doesn't this ruin the point of putting your computer to sleep? I thought sleep mode was intended to lower the power usage...but if you're doing all this radio work and installation and processing, I can't imagine it's not using a lot of power.