Other politicians have joined Twitch in an effort to reach younger potential voters, but those politicians typically have a message of unity and support for the underdog, without any of the racist nonsense currently being spread by the commander in chief.


Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, as just one example, joined Twitch this past June and has been livestreaming his Town Hall events across the country, as well as his speeches supporting health care for all Americans. Bernie’s staffers have also hosted Q&A sessions just for Twitch viewers.

Trump is in hot water over myriad scandals right now and impeachment is increasingly popular with the American people, so the Trump regime needs all the help it can get in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election. Can Twitch help the president broaden his base, catapulting more hate, racism, and division into the world? Only time will tell. But if history is any guide, the answer is a definitive yes.