(Presumably) Very Cheap Tablet PCs by NEC

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See this tablet? It's new from NEC and features the same monotonous specs (1.6GHz Atom, 512MB-1GB RAM and 80GB HD) that we see in those cheapie mini-notebooks like the Asus Eee. Running XP or Vista and loaded with a 12 or 15-inch touchscreen, it's by no means beautiful, but this NEC could be the forebear of a new netbook-tablet market. We don't have pricing or release details at this time, but we'll keep a lookout, just for you. [Akihabara News]


Miranda Kali Selene

I was "ooooo"ing over this when I saw it on a (forgive me!) non-Gawker, tech site.

According to the translation I got off of NEC's page, it releases Sept. 22nd for about 250k yen.

...or about $2200 smackaroos. (alas)