Pretec's 8GB SD 2.0 Memory Card

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Pretec will release an 8GB SD 2.0 (SDHC) memory card before the end of the year that will have access speeds of up to 20MB per second. Unlike SD cards using the old SD 1.0/1.1, cards following the SD 2.0 standard won't have a 4GB size limit. Chalk this up to a new method of allocating space on the drive: whereas the 1.0/1.1 standard used something called byte addressing, the new standard allocates space using sector addressing. Perhaps not the most compelling information, but it's not every day that a Dell laptop explodes.


An important note is that memory cards using the new SD 2.0 standard aren't compatible with existing SD devices. Standards: they're here to help make our lives easier.

Pretec's line of extra spacious SD 2.0 cards will go into production during the fourth quarter. Right now, if you're on Pretec's party guest list, you can grab an 8GB card for $299.

Pretec 8GB SDHC Card Announced []

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