Previews for the Spider-Man musical reveal Kraven, Carnage, and a giant puppet Hammerhead

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The latest TV spots for the Spider-Man musical have hit the web. Check out footage of the high-flying stunts, Carnage, Kraven, and the gangster Hammerhead, who has been transformed into a macrocephalic parade float.

In other news, a piece in the New York Times recently revealed that Bono based the Green Goblin on Ted Turner:

Bono, for instance, suggested that they base the character of Norman Osborn, an environmental scientist who becomes the villainous Green Goblin, on Ted Turner, the billionaire entrepreneur whose eccentricities had stayed with Bono after meeting at Mr. Turner's rustic getaway in Georgia. "Bono described this fast-talking, always-thinking, brilliant and strange Southerner, and you're always looking for vivid characters who will pop on the stage," said Glen Berger, who wrote the show's book with Ms. Taymor.

The musical's Osborn/Goblin (Patrick Page) has the gray hair and Southern accent of Mr. Turner and shares his concerns about the environment (hence, here, the "green" angle). "I hope Ted will like it," Bono said.