Pricing Revealed for AT&T's Upcoming Line of HTC and Garmin-ASUS Smartphones

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Got a second and a few hundred bucks to spare? Great, then check out this short list of loftily priced smartphones coming to an AT&T retailer near you, sometime in October: Updated.

The first two phones are the HTC Tilt2 and Pure, or Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2, respectively. According to sources at BGR, the 2-year subsidized price—with $50 rebate—for the Tilt2 will be $300, while the Pure will arrive at $200. Without a contract, the prices jump to $500 and $350, respectively.

The other leaked price concerns the Garmin-ASUS nüvifone G60, which weighs in at $300 after a $100 rebate. No contract? Bend over; it's $550. Again, no release dates, but a pre-Halloween arrival is likely.


Update: BGR has since updated their pricing info. The Pure looks to be $150 with 2-year contract and $50 mail in rebate. [BGR]

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Blackberry Bold

Charging 299.99 dollars for touch pro 2 is a huge mistake on AT&T's part. Customer are very sensitive on what they have to pay up front these days. Some carriers are charging only 199.99 dollars, so why is AT&T doing this? Also, why in the hell would you charge 300 dollars for nuvi phone? I rather get iphone 3GS.