Pro Golfer Advertising with LCD-Loaded Bag

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It's a marketing ploy that may quickly spiral into Rodney Dangerfield's legacy.

Pro Bag Ads is a company installing sun-resistant HD LCD displays into the bags of pro golfers. These LCDs then play advertisements for companies like "19th Hole Wines" during tournaments—we assume without sound—while the caddies enjoy the extra heft of a TV and batters on a midsummer day.


So far, they've only signed up one guy, 2009 Senior PGA Champion Michael Allen. The chief flaw, beyond the general tackiness, can be seen in the lead shot. Stitched logos appear brighter than that screen.

Oh, and when Tiger misses his first put because a Cialis ad enters his periphery, trust me, these guys are finished. [Pro Bag Ads via gizmo watch via DVICE]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I don't watch tons of golf on TV but it is rare that they show the golf bag itself for long enough for anyone to read the advertisements on it. Or is the target audience the spectators that are there watching at the actual event?