This in-dash entertainment center from Hong Kong has a 6.5-inch screen and 800x480 resolution. Front-and-center on its feature list is a GPS navigator and the ability to connect to the Internet via GPRS networks. And you know what that means—you can also use it as a GSM cellphone. It's an actual PC, too, with a 20GB hard disk and 128MB of RAM, presided over by a 400MHz AMD AU1200 chip. Not sure how all that would react to the 150° temperature inside a hot car on the Fourth of July.

It has everything else you might need in a car radio, too, such as AM/FM radio along with CD, DVD, and MP3 players, and there's even a USB and headset port in front. Unfortunately, it's probably just as clumsy to control as its UMPC cousins, because you navigate around its Windows CE 5.0 interface with a stylus pen.


For the benefit of the rest of us, just don't be watching that Mad Max DVD while you're barreling down the highway, please.

Product Page [, via Navigadget]

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