Programmable Soda Bottle: Have It Your Way

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In the name of efficiency (and perhaps novelty), Massachusetts company Ipifini created a programmable soft drink bottle, containing a base flavor and additional flavor buttons around the top that you push to inject that certain favorite flavor of yours into the mix. For instance, it could be used for cola drinks, where you can just drink the basic cola or push a cherry or vanilla button to add those flavors if that's your preference.

The company also foresees its product used for paint, shampoo, or perfume, where customized colors, scents and additives could be injected with the push of a button. No word on which companies have picked up on this idea yet, but we're thinking the marketers may not like this because of shelf space issues and branding concerns. Think of it this way: if all the varieties of Coke warrant 20 feet of coveted shelf space in supermarkets, will that same 20 feet go for one variety with selectable flavors?

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