Promise Boxes Are TiVo For Everything, I Wish We Had Them

In our on-demand, everything whenever we want it world, TiVo and DVR feel so limiting. The boxes record what you tell them to, but if you don't think of it in advance, you're outta luck. Now there's a box that records everything for days and days and days.

The new Promise recorders are only available in the UK right now, which is too bad because they're an amazing idea that could change the way millions of people watch TV. Promise recorders capture everything that crosses the airwaves on the 60-odd channels available on the UK's Freeview service. (Freeview is more or less the equivalent of free, digital broadcast TV in the United States.) There are several different recorders, which record all of the TV beamed to your house over a particular period of time. Everything. So you can decide you want to watch shows after they've already aired.


The cheapest box, Promise Lite ($1900), captures three full days of the "major" Freeview channels like the BBC. Promise Pro ($4000), on the other hand, captures seven days of Freeview on up to 60 channels. That's a ton of TV. Promise is currently available in the London area, and will be rolled out across the UK throughout 2012. There's no indication about when, if ever, these sweet boxes will make their way stateside, but we can always dream. And start saving up. [ via Boing Boing]

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