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Proof that all movie trailers use the same new damn sound

Before it was that Inception horn. You know the one, that BRAAAAM sound that strategically tingled your spine because you know something action packed yet suspenseful is going to happen. And now there’s a new favorite sound for movie trailers: it sounds a lot like pulling the power on something and hearing the noise get sucked out.


You’ll hear the same noise across all kinds of movies, from The Fast and Furious series to The Avengers to Spider-Man to the new Terminator movie and more.


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There’s also the sound the DooM2 final boss makes when he shoots. You hear it in a bunch of movies, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. my brain goes “DOOM 2”

You can hear it here:…

Apparently it came from an 80s collection of sound effect CDs, which is why it’s so widely heard I guess.