If you happen to be a balla like me, then owning too many pimp rides may sometimes be a concern. What can I say, I'm just that damn good. But sometimes I will get the keys of my Beemer, Caddy and Maz mixed up and boy do I look like a doofus! Funny story: one time I gave the valet the key to my Enzo when I was actually driving my GT40! LOL! Oh it was a gut buster!

Regardless, the proxSafe Digital Key Management System will allow you to avoid any of these embarrassing situations by providing a very organized and electronic system to keep track of all of the keys. The system will electronically track all of the keys that go in and out of the system and a digital LCD will give accurate information about every key. The system is also extremely secure to prevent the ninjas from stealing your Benz that happens to be riding rims, or flats, as I prefer.


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