PS2 Compatibility Never Returning to the PlayStation 3

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Sony pretty much implied that backward compatibility was dead when they released the PS3 Slim (without PS2 support), but just in case, Sony's John Koller put a few nails in that coffin during two recent interviews.

Koller said, "It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table," before later adding "won't be returning" to Ars.


Then, to Kotaku, Koller flipped the whole table metaphor around (but said the same thing) with the assertion that "backwards compatibility is off the table."

Some eyewitnesses claimed that Koller then stood from his chair, squatted to the floor and teabagged the first generation of PS3s that included hardware backward compatibility. Then, with an equal amount of ceremony, he teabagged the second generation of PS3s the included software emulated backward compatibility.


Sony's stance is that PS2-compatibility is simply no longer a relevant draw to PS3 buyers. And while that's an easy enough point to scoff at, I will admit, I don't know the last time I loaded a PS2 disc into my PS3. [Ars and Kotaku]