PS3 Gets Fried In Mysterious HDMI Blaze

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What the hell happened here? Needless to say, it took a pretty violent incident to do this kind of damage.

Speaking about his friend's PS3, our tipster writes:

He had his PS3 plugged into an electrical source although it wasn't running any games at the time of this. He plugged in his Psyclone HDMI cable from his Samsung 32-inch flatpanel tv to the PS3 when the sparks started flying. A flame actually shot up out of the PS3, and sparks were firing out of both ends where the HDMI cable met with the ports. The mess ended in 10 seconds when the cord melted off. Pictures included. We cannot figure out why/how this occurred. No breakers were tripped, no damage or discoloration to any wall outlets or other power sources. Only the HDMI ports.


We've seen our fair share of flaming laptops, cellphones and iPods—but this is the first time I have come across an HDMI fire. Unless there were fireworks strapped to the cable, this one is a mystery. [Thanks Chris!]