PS3 Remote Play Soon To Be On Sony VAIO Laptops

PS3 firmware updates have been in the headlines recently thanks to the OtherOS uninstall, but there was also that attractive 3D gaming business too. It's not all bad at Sony—unless you don't own a VAIO laptop, anyway.


For it's only VAIO owners who'll be able to connect to their PS3s via Remote Play, as detailed on the PlayStation UK site. Just like what's already available with PSPs over Wi-Fi, the VAIO Remote Play will let you access content on your console from anywhere in the world.

One catch—well, two if you want to get technical. Sony has only said it'll work on future Sony VAIO laptops, meaning current model-owners may not get any joy. The second, more obvious flaw is that it's only available for VAIOs—no love for other manufacturers? Leopards, spots, that sort of thing. [PlayStation UK via Electricpig]

Image Credit: GayGamer

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