PS3 Sucks Up Five Times as Much Energy as a Fridge, Ten Times as Much as a Wii

Illustration for article titled PS3 Sucks Up Five Times as Much Energy as a Fridge, Ten Times as Much as a Wii

Compared to basically every other appliance you have plugged in at home, the Playstation 3 sucks up more juice. That's according to a new study by Australian consumer agency Choice, which found that when a PS3 is running, it sucks up five times more energy than a refrigerator. If you leave it on all the time for something like Folding@Home, you're looking at an energy cost of nearly $250 a year.


The Xbox 360 isn't all that much better, using 23.57kWh per week when idling compared to the PS3's 31.74kWh. The Wii, on the other hand, is downright dainty in comparison, using only 2.97kWh per week when idling, less than 10% of the energy used by the PS3.

It's all a good lesson to simply turn off your console, whatever it may be, when you aren't using it. I'm not one to disparage the good work done by Folding@Home, but if you leave your console cranking away on it all the time you'll spend enough to go out and buy a Wii by the time a year is up. [Choice via GadgetLab]


@jspeed04: When I said 'amazing record' for the breakdowns, I was not being sarcastic. They do have an amazing record that is as good (or better than) the Wii. That actually was a poorly-written crack on the Xbox 360, which has nearly the same ridiculous power use as the PS3, and a terrible track record for problems.

@ara: Yes, the PS3 uses a ridiculous amount of power, but compared to a high-end gaming desktop or a vaccuum cleaner, it is not too bad. The issue is whether folks are smart enough to turn their PS3 off when it is not in use.

@Joseph: There is no 'limit', I agree. I do think we are starting to hit a change in the market focus from doubling processing power to reducing power use. Microsoft's work with the Windows Mobile operating system is a great example where they expected mobile devices to double in speed every couple years, and hardware manufacturers are trying to keep power as low as they can. That is not to say that in five years when they begin developing the PS4 that there will not be a difference in hardware, but it is not going to be the dramatic performance change that their was from the PS3 to the PS3, I do not think.