PS3 to Support amBX Lighting and Effects

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Philips' glowy/rumbly/airy amBX technology is really pretty neat stuff, but its support has been generally limited to the PC realm. Now, a new deal should bring amBX to the PS3.


While there are no specific products or implementation announcements at this time, Sony and Philips reached a middleware licensing agreement that will allow amBX "to bring amazing light, rumble, sound and air movement experiences to [PS3] users." A licensing agreement may not sound like a big deal, but when you're talking about advanced peripherals that need very specific driver/code support, they simply couldn't appear on a console without being sanctioned. Hopefully we'll see some interesting PS3-specific amBX peripherals shortly.

4th February 2009 - Redhill, UK - amBX today announced that it has concluded a Tools & Middleware License agreement for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI).

Originally conceived and developed for the PC by a UK team within Philips Research, amBX is a technology that delivers real-world sensory experiences - using light, colour, rumble and even air flow - through licensed amBX peripherals, to the virtual worlds of video games, music, movies, Internet and TV entertainment. The Tools & Middleware License agreement with SCEI will allow amBX to develop its ambient experiences technology beyond the PC market and into the worldwide game market.

"This is a major milestone in the development of amBX as a ubiquitous standard for entertainment sensory experiences," commented Jo Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer, amBX. "amBX has already proved incredibly popular and successful within the PC games, music, movies and apps markets and the Tools & Middleware License agreement with SCEI will allow us to bring amazing light, rumble, sound and air movement experiences to game users."

amBX has already licensed the technology to many content developers and publishers in the gaming sector and the amBX developer program has recently launched a new, free SDK to allow many more hardware and entertainment developers to add this innovative technology to their products. A support forum also provides advice and best practice information as well as a complete toolbox that will unlock the most advanced features of amBX at



I don't know anything about this particular technology's limitations, but color syncing can actually draw you in and make things more immersive. Imagine an explosion on screen and all of the lights in your living room flash. It could be like surround sound but with lights. Bombs flashing all around you. The 'Red Mist player is dying" vision would be extra surreal. Underwater scenes could tint the room a muted blue.

Some company made a TV not too long ago (too lazy to look) which projected light onto the wall behind it. It was the same overall hue as what was displayed on screen giving a perceived contrast increase. Same idea just on a larger scale.

I think it could be cool, but I don't see the average consumer spending the (I would imagine) thousands of dollars on the amBX light setup.