Do you dream of a portable media player that has NES, SNES & SEGA MD/SMS emulation whilst also handling DIVX & XVID in its stride? Do you also dream of having a Playboy mansion and a bigger willy? Well, on the first account at least this is sure to help: Witness the thoughtfully titled 'Portable Media Player'. More after the jump.

If the $109 Portable Media Player were a tin of sardines, it would be crammed so tight with salty fish you wouldn't be able to get the lid on.


Thankfully, instead of salty fish the PMP supports all of the following: (deep breath): MP3, WMA, FLAC; Emulation - NES, SNES, SEGA MD/SMC; Picture viewing and Video playback support for AVI, MPEG-4, DIVX, XVID.

This bad boy further comes with a 1.3MP camera with an option for VHS quality video recording, 1GB onboard with an SD slot which supports up to a further 4GB. With a 3.6" screen and a decent battery, (20hrs music / 6hrs video), I can more than happily look past the Tomy toys outer casing.

That aside one reviewer really sums up this media beast better than I ever could:

"The products have many functions which make me feel more exciting! "
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