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Man, this is getting silly. HA><0RZ have figured out how to run homebrew software on the PSP in firmware version 2.50, one point off from 2.60, the latest version. This unequivocally proves that Sony's crack DRM ninjas are truly doing an amazing job at locking down their shit for at least two to three days, allowing valuable and precious revenue to flow into Sony's dark, necrotic heart for hours at a time until someone, somewhere, plays a MAME version of Burger Time on their PSP. Then that selfsame necrotic flesh beats wildly like the Heart of the Red Falcon as script kiddies jump and fire pingy bullets into its spongy mass and release more and more hacks. Open the firmware for experimentation, Sony. Just do it!

Homebrew games and Emulation on PSP 2.50! [PSPUpdates]