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The PSP Slim is a marginal upgrade at best, but an upgrade nonetheless, and enthusiast press is getting their hands on the first review units. Some guy at Kotaku who looks like a boy band pirate groped it, took photos and videos, and noted the differences, which I shall recap:

•33% lighter, and 19% slimmer than the old PSP.

•Menu differnces include a USB charge option(!)

•Settlings for TV output including 16:9 and 4:3 modes, progressive or interlaced.


•Games output to TV at 480 by 272, but UMD movies, videos and photos output at 720 by 480.

The big fat slice of reality: If you have a PSP, buying this one won't really give you more games to play on. Warning, the video is long and rambly, and the photo blurry, but you will feel like that pirate is your best friend at the end of it all. [Video and Gallery]

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