PSPgo Finally Getting a Bit Cool with Sega Genesis Emulator

Mark said that the PSPgo goes nowhere you haven't been. He wasn't impressed, to say the least. Perhaps the fact that it has been hacked and someone added a Sega Genesis emulator will make him change his mind.

But then, that's nowhere where you haven't been before, so probably he won't give a damn either. And I won't blame him. [Joystiq]

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I understand the PSPgo hate. I felt the same way before I had the chance to use one, which ultimately led to buying one.

To me the biggest difference is that the PSPgo is pocketable. With ALL your games (not your old games, yes yes, that issue is beaten to death). I can toss my pspgo in my pocket and not feel like a retard. It's barely bigger than the iphone. No other handheld is truly pocketable like the pspgo. The form factor is what makes the pspgo worthwhile. If the size doesn't matter to you, then yeah, there is no point to get the PSPgo. Alright! Desktop computers have an advantage over laptops too, but we still like laptops (highly exaggerated example, i know!)

CFW is just going to make the pspgo amazing when the scene gets it going, although I'm hesitant about how well it will work with your legitimately downloaded games, as they will likely require the latest firmware to be installed. We'll see. CFW could make the PSPgo a nerd's dream machine. #pspgo