Psychic Says Steve Jobs Will Be Back, But Not for Long

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Barbara Courtney—the psychic known as the Seer of Silicon Valleysays Steve'll return next month. So what? Well, this psychic is the only one on record that predicted his return in 1997.


She told Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney, "My feeling is he will come back" but "I think it won't be for very long." She thinks his health issues "aren't all settled" and that's it's "iffy" he'll be CEO in two years. In fact, it seems like she's feeling his return would largely be to handle the transition to a mystery successor (besides work on that damn tablet): "There's some transition, but that won't be announced for a while. I feel that there's another person that won't surface right away." Is it Phil? Tim? Jony?

Turning to a psychic to predict what's really going to happen with Steve might seem silly, but she can't do any worse than some journalists. We really hope she's wrong, though, at least the part about his health issues not getting better. Read her full account here: [Cult of Mac]



By Johnny, do you mean Jonathan Ive? Because he's a designer, not a salesman. I don't think he really has the background to take over for Jobs.