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Public Radio iPhone App Adds On-Demand Content, Accidentally Kills FM Radio

Illustration for article titled Public Radio iPhone App Adds On-Demand Content, Accidentally Kills FM Radio

A few weeks ago, LA's KCRW set the gold standard for radio station apps: a streaming client with access to a huge back catalog of on-demand station content. Public Radio Player 2.0 does the same thing—for everyone.


Since the start, Public Radio Player has listed a sizable number of NPR stations across the country, all of which are listenable via live streaming. Given the countless other radio app available for the iPhone, the only real advantage to using version 1.0 was that, if you spent the time to look, you could find just about any NPR or PRI show you wanted playing somewhere.


Version 2.0 provides comprehensive station schedules to make program-hunting easier, but more importantly, provides access to the often generous back catalogs from various stations, meaning that you can get any public radio programming you want on demand, for free. It's a fairly incredible deal for NPR addicts, who'll now be able to fine-tune their daily feed of dulcet, strangely androgynous news and lifestyle coverage to perfection. [Ars]

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Hi everyone, I'm GitEmSteveDave with This American Comment. In todays comment, we look at two stories of shows on NPR, and the effect this app may have on them.

Act One:This American Life. TAL has been hurting lately, especially with bandwidth costs, which is why they charge for back episodes. This might not be so good for them.

Act Two is Wait, Wait...Don't tell me. I will say being able to hear some classic Wait, Wait... would make my heart happy.