Publishers Say Apple Tablet Won't Be Near $1000, Won't Have a Lot of Books Until Mid 2010

Illustration for article titled Publishers Say Apple Tablet Wont Be Near $1000, Wont Have a Lot of Books Until Mid 2010

9to5Mac claims that they've talked to a few content publishers (magazines, newspapers), and those publishers are claiming inside knowledge about the device. Most importantly, that it'll be "[nowhere] near $1000, as has been reported elsewhere."


These publishers 9to5Mac talked to didn't actually see any prototypes, but it was described to them as a 10-inch glass screen that's smaller than a Kindle DX, but "with a similar weight." That the software is going to be the "game changer" is nothing new, but Apple's supposedly going around describing the tablet in comparison to the Kindle as the change from black and white TVs to color.


Other interesting bits: current ebook distributors on the App Store now are going to get screwed once Apple's official one hits, and don't expect a lot of content until "mid 2010 at the very earliest." [9to5Mac]

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"Nowhere near $1000" means we're going up, not down. The iPhone is about $600 unsubsidized, it's not going to be in the same price range as the iPhone.

It's annoying that they're trying to compare its performance and screen to e-ink/ebooks. I mean, that's really sad that they're trying to conquer the e-book market. Even I will give the Macs-iPad more credit than that. It's basically going to be a netbook with a touchscreen and no keyboad, what else has to be said?