Illustration for article titled Purported Press Images of Blackberry Z10 Leaked

A new set of pictures, purporting to be official press images of BlackBerry's new Z10 handset, have popped up on the internet courtesy of @evleaks.


While a pinch of salt is still required, these match up remarkably well with previously leaked photographs of a switched-off device, that appeared back in December. That suggests that you probably are looking at the phone that RIM hopes will save it.


And you know what? It's kinda nice. Nothing outrageously amazing, sure, but it's neat, sleek, and still retains that air of BlackBerry too. Given that the company's new OS, BB10, seems to be surprisingly OK, there may still be a chance for RIM yet. It's only concern now is whether it can manage to leverage sales when it's so late to the party. Let's wait and see. [@evleaks]

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