Put Some Age On Your Cheap Booze With the Help of 15,000 Volts

Why get drunk on cheap booze when you can get drunk on cheap booze that actually tastes good? That is the question Jon Sarriugarte asked himself when he and a buddy set out to solve the problem of how to artificially age brandy. Inspired by a single sentence in a book from the 1930s, they decided that electric current would do the trick. Fortunately, John already had a luminous transformer in his basement (don't we all), and he proceeded to pump 15,000 volts into a glass of bitter brandy. To his surprise, the taste had mellowed considerably.

After their initial success, they developed a more elaborate copper pipe system with a Jacob's Ladder and dubbed it VOLT/AGED. Throw in a safety cage, Oil Punk plexiglass, and a timer that determines how many years the alcohol should be aged and you have a functional piece of equipment that is also interesting to look at. My liver hurts just thinking about it. [Jon Sarriugarte via MAKE]


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