A wireless gaming chair for desktop gamers is an cool idea, although it's not as cool as this massage gaming chair from a few weeks back. In the sheltered little life that I scuzz around in, gaming chairs are floor-height cack-magnets, rocking delights such as sweat patches, condiment stains, popcorn husks that look like toenail clippings, toenail clippings and other assorted umska that acts as girlfriend repellent, not to mention the sweet smell of eau de sweaty butt crack. Full specs and price below.


Wireless connection
8-channel 2.4GHz digital transmitter
Full-range channel digital selector
LCD display
2 x full-range speakers with blue LEDs
Gas piston height and tilting seat adjustments
4-5 hours battery life
Fully-functioning lady.

Erm, I might have made that last one up, actually. The Pyramat Gaming Chair 2.1 will set you back $289.95. [The Sharper Image]