Renegade Gaming Chair Massages and Reclines

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We've been eying up gaming chairs for some time, but crescent-shaped ground rockers feel a bit too 13-year-old's room for us. But the Renegade Gaming Chair may just be the obnoxious gaming chair that we can finally justify, as it also combines the obnoxiousness of a massage/recliner—all into one, efficiently glorious, ubergeek seat.


USB compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PC and iPod, the Renegade features 3D stereo speakers in the headrest, 12 motor "rumble" vibration system, game synced ground effect lighting, inputs for more peripherals, multiple massage settings (that can sync to rumble) and, of course, a beverage holder. It's tough to be certain just how much this chair is actually supported for every console game on every platform, but for $530 we might be willing to give it a try...if bought from a store with a good return policy. [automated home via bornrich]

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@GBMassAve: I can see your point there, but using a chair like this doesn't prevent you from doing all those other activities (i.e. using your wiimote) which require a more active stance in gaming. As for "realistic" gaming, said chair would work well with driving or flight sims in which you would actually be sitting if you were really flying a plane or driving a real car. Certainly a regular chair would work also, sans all of the gadget advantages of this chair. Depending on who you were, it could be overkill, or it could be underkill. Personally I think it would be cool to have a flight/driving sim "chair" in which you were surrounded with 360 degrees of screens, with the rig capable of movement for a sense of realism such that you might find at an amusement park or some military agency. That would be overkill, but fun as hell. As for your 'ultimate symbol of sedentary isolated existence', isn't admitting that you play video games proof of that already? You could just put down your wiimote bowling game, and actually go out and bowl, or play baseball, or dance rather than stomp around on some dance pad!