When your work requires you to be in an office and interact with other people, you owe it to your co-workers to keep up your personal hygiene. That includes ensuring you keep the insides of your ears neat and tidy, unless you want your co-workers to do it for you using a tiny Q-Tip crossbow. (You don’t.)

What the Hog Wild Pocket X-Bow lacks in size, it more than makes up for with stealth, portability, and being able to quickly hide it under a pile of incomplete TPS reports.

Instead of a trigger to squeeze, the X-Bow has a launch ring hanging from a string that you simply have to tug to send one of the included 25 cotton swabs hurdling towards a co-worker. For $10 it’s an easy impulse purchase, and we’re going to assume you can modify your own Q-Tips to use in the crossbow when the included supply runs out—about three minutes after you start playing with it.