Q-Tip Crossbow Lets You Help Friends With Their Hygiene From Across the Room

When your work requires you to be in an office and interact with other people, you owe it to your co-workers to keep up your personal hygiene. That includes ensuring you keep the insides of your ears neat and tidy, unless you want your co-workers to do it for you using a tiny Q-Tip crossbow. (You don’t.)


What the Hog Wild Pocket X-Bow lacks in size, it more than makes up for with stealth, portability, and being able to quickly hide it under a pile of incomplete TPS reports.

Instead of a trigger to squeeze, the X-Bow has a launch ring hanging from a string that you simply have to tug to send one of the included 25 cotton swabs hurdling towards a co-worker. For $10 it’s an easy impulse purchase, and we’re going to assume you can modify your own Q-Tips to use in the crossbow when the included supply runs out—about three minutes after you start playing with it.


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