The era of the PDA is gone, but what about a PTV (Personal Television Device)? Qualcomm is said to be working on an unconfirmed iPhone size-device without the streaming video restrictions; it will broadcast the company's mobile FLO TV.

FLO TV, which broadcasts live terrestrial digital TV, has become a staple on a bunch of multimedia cellphones from AT&T and Verizon, including LG's Vu and Samsung Access, but with this FLO TV Personal Television (PTV) you'll get a standalone viewing gadget.


The device will have a capacitive touchscreen supporting swipes and gestures, 4GB of memory for storing other media, a built in speaker, and apparently a battery that allows for 5 hours of TV viewing. I'd love to see an HDMI or video out option on this thing.

Not sure people are interested in a device solely for watching mobile TV especially when you will probably have a monthly subscription fee, but throw some Wi-Fi and a browser in there and maybe. No idea of when the PTV will drop, though Gdgt says CES or earlier could be likely. [GDGT]

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