Question of the Day: Watch or Cellphone For Telling Time?

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Our last phone poll discovered that an astonishing 28% of our readers used iPhones—go ahead, see for yourself—which brings us to this question. Do you wear a wristwatch, or do you tell time using your cellphone? We're about half and half here, most of the time wearing a watch but occasionally peeping at the time when we pull out our iPhones for Warbook on the go. You?



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I don't pay much attention to hip-hop culture so I don't have that particular association for Rolex watches. In my case, I'd think the association with counterfeit watches would be more of a detriment. When you're getting half a dozen "R3pl1ca R0l3x w@tches!" spam messages in your inbox every day, your first instinct becomes to assume that any Rolex you see is a fake.

Prompted by this article I went and looked up prices on some Rolex watches and was a bit surprised to find that they weren't as expensive as I had always assumed they were (but still a considerable amount out of my price range though.) I would also prefer something a bit more subtle anyway. A few months ago I was looking briefly at one of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches, but even that costs a bit more than I could ever justify spending on a watch.