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Question of the Day: What Are You Going to Do With Your HD DVD Player?

Illustration for article titled Question of the Day: What Are You Going to Do With Your HD DVD Player?

Given the untimely death of HD DVD (the people's format), one has to wonder—what will become of all the hardware out there? So, our question to you is: what do you plan to do with your now defunct HD DVD player?



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I just have to laugh at Blu-ray fanboys who are like "Ha! See, I knew I chose right! Suckas!".

If you don't understand that if you chose one format, regardless of which it was, it was a crap shoot. Fox and WB was, if you followed the news at all, very close to becoming HD-DVD only, which could have very easily turned the tides the other way completely. So, Blu-ray fanboys, you just got lucky, and since the odds were pretty much 50-50, it wasn't even that much of a lucky happening.

The only "non-suckas" out there are people who couldn't have cared less which side won, and chose neither format, or who had the financial prowess to buy both players, and have been enjoying both "Blu-ray only" and "HD-DVD only" releases up from the beginning till now.

I bought an HD-DVD player last Nov. because I knew I was going to buy a PS3 in the near future, and hence my ass would be covered. I have 10 HD-DVDs that came with my Toshiba + 1 HD-DVD box set. I will continue to watch them and all my DVDs on the Toshiba until one day I'll buy a hybrid player, at which point I'll get rid of the HD-DVD player.