Blu-ray Domination Pushes Hardware Sales to 93% After CES

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If all the talk of HD DVD's demise wasn't enough to actually convince you that it's all but over for HD DVD, take a look at these numbers from the research group NPD. The two formats sold almost neck and neck in the week leading up to CES, but Blu-ray completely knee-to-groined HD DVD in the week of CES's shenanigans with a 92.53% hardware sales rate. Our only question is: what the heck is that 7.47% thinking? [Electronista]




@y2julio: Wahh, DRM... I haven't bought a CD in about 3 years so I lost no sleep over the weird software they through on their CD's. If I want music I pluck it out of they sky like a ripe peach. As for movies and media, I want the best possible HARDWARE I can afford. So I can give a shit what they do with their content as I have little control over that, all I know is that I can sit there and enjoy great picture and great sound, which Sony products deliver. as Ichiban said, I'm excited man, don't bring me down.