Question of the Day: What Don't You Like About Vista?

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We all know that Vista's the most hated OS since Windows ME, what with even NEC making an official "Vista downgrade program", but is it really that bad? It doesn't quite crash on a daily basis like WinME did, despite having lackluster driver support for older devices, and it's not really all that sluggish if you're running it on a machine that's less than 5 years old. I use it alongside OS X on a daily basis and find it to be pretty decent as long as you can get passed a couple layers of wrongheaded handholding and wizards; but this isn't about me, it's about you. I want to hear what you think of Vista. Give us your complaints, your theories, and why you think Vista sucks. Here's how to comment.


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Broken Machine

I've been vocal on many threads saying that I run Vista on old hardware without a problem. I run three machines that are identical (redundancy is good, in case of a problem, I have lesser importance machines to scavenge), all are Asus A7n8X-E Deluxe machines (nforce2 chipset) and all have 2G of RAM. All run Vista without an issue, though getting an aero-worthy vid card did require an upgrade for one machine. My 14 YO printer, my parallel print server, my 12 YO scanner on SCSI bus all work FLAWLESSLY. I love Vista, My HTPC/Server is wonderful using Media Center. Media Center kicks Front Row's ass any day of the week, though XBMC remains a joy on the upstairs TV.

What I don't like is the bloat. There is no reason to need 2G to run this. I cannot believe what I can run with limited resources on my Powerbook or my Ubuntu box. I cannot believe that my final installation, with necessary apps and all updates was 25G. That is INSANE. There is something lacking in the efficiency department.

I have a Powermac that I tried Leopard on, went back to Tiger. In my mind, Leopard is good for the Intel Macs. I will make a transition to Mac when I can, and right now I see some stumbling blocks in my way - Media Center just rocks, GPS support for Macs is rediculously sparse (I use Mapsource a LOT on the PC, Ive tried Bobcat and to transfer maps from the PC on the Mac, it's clumsy), and a few other minor issues (cd/dvd burning is less fullfeatures, etc). It's getting to the point where I can switch soon, and I may when the day comes.

I am hopeful for Windows 7, but not holding my breath. My next desktop will run Vista, but probably be a PowerMac with dual boot.