Question of the Day: Where Do You Buy Gadgets Online?

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Amazon and Newegg are where 90 percent of my online dollars go, since they're among that small cabal of sites you'd trust with your children. Where do you buy most of your stuff online?


I'm wondering because I've literally spent thousands of dollars at Newegg because I hold them in much higher regard than say, TigerDirect, and never, ever had a problem until I tried out their new EggSaver shipping option. Not only did the tracking number never work at all—a customer service rep I called asking where the hell my package is explained they're having issues with their EggSaver tracking system, since it's apparently outsourced through the USPS—after two weeks, I called for the second time, and they told me they lost it. Replacement and refund are both 10-15 business day processes (unacceptable, since I wanted this for CES). A couple friends I've talked to also said that EggSaver was terrible. So, if you go NewEgg (who rocks 99.9 percent of the time), go with Fedex or UPS shipping.

Implied sub-question: Where do you go if the obvious choices, like Amazon and Newegg, fail you?



I usually stick with NewEgg for computer parts, Amazon for most everything else. I stopped using ebay because, without exception, every single gadget I've ever bought on ebay either arrived broken or broke within a month.