Quite possibly the most demented movie of the 1970s getting a reissue

Check out this trailer for 1979's The Visitor, in which legendary director John Huston plays an interstellar hero trying to keep a demonic eight-year-old girl from marrying her baby brother and unleashing a space menace. This milestone in WTFery is getting a fancy new reissue from the Alamo Drafthouse.


According to EW:

A new, HD restoration of The Visitor will be released to cinemas later this year and will also be available on VOD.

“This film is from another time, another place and another wholly different dimension,” Drafthouse Films’ creative director Evan Husney said in a statement “and contains the highest JDPM (jaw-drops-per-minute) ratio out of any movie we have ever encountered. The Visitor is a repertory mainstay at the Alamo Drafthouse and is truly one of the most joyfully delirious theatrical experiences we’ve unleashed on our audiences. The world wasn’t ready for this film in 1979, and it still may not be. Regardless, we are ecstatic to be able to reintroduce cinema’s most colossally bizarro achievement. Ever.”

Here's the synopsis of the film which came with the above trailer:

Katy Collins (Paige Conner, Little Darlings ) is no ordinary 8 year-old girl. Indeed, she is unique, carrying within her the power of Sateen, an inter-spacial force of immense magnitude. Katy's primary mission on earth is to carry these genes forward, a task accomplished by convincing her mother, Barbara (Joanne Nail, Switchblade Sisters ) to bear a similarly endowed male child with whom Katy would eventually mate. Opposing this scheme is The Visitor (John Huston Academy Award winner, Chinatown, African Queen, The Maltese Falcon )), a sage of galactic stature who has come to this world not to kill Katy, but to end her "confusion". Find out what happens in this unforgettable, supernatural, suspense thriller from the maker of the box office hit beyond The Door.


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"Quite possibly the most demented movie of the 1970s..."

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