Quixun QHD-M30W 30-Incher: Look Out Dell and Apple

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Suddenly Dell and Apple don't have a lock on the huge honking LCD display market any more, because now Japanese company Quixun introduces the QHD-M30W, a 30-incher that matches the resolution of the Apple and Dell 30-inch monitors at 2560x1600.

Just like its competitors, the M30W has a dual-link DVI-D connector, requiring an industrial-strength graphics card to handle its zillions of pixels. Price will be $1728, undercutting Dell's monitor ($2199) by $471 and Apple's ($2499) by $771. There's no word yet on availability in the US, but even if it's not on sale anytime soon, this announcement is bound to put pricing pressure on Dell and Apple.


Product Page (Japanese) [Quixun, via Akihabara News]